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  • What is a Sleeping Bag and why use one?
    A Sleeping Bag is the safest way to put your baby to sleep. Known as a wearable blanket, when correctly sized, the Sleeping Bag will maintain your baby’s body warmth and allow them to sleep safely without any fear of loose bedding getting in their way. MYROO has 5 sizes, so you and your baby can easily, comfortably and safely grow from one size into the next never having to disrupt the safe sleeping environment you have created.
  • Is a Sleeping Bag just used in the winter?
    A Sleeping Bag can be used thought the year and how you dress your child underneath can be played with according to the season or room temperature. Of course, in some countries, there is the possibility of sleeping with AC in the summer where a ALL YEAR Sleeping Bag would be the best choice, or for those who refer to sleep in a warmer room, there is also a choice of SUMMER Sleeping Bags, which will have. Different TOG value.
  • How long can my chid use a Sleeping Bag for?
    There is no clear rule. As long as your Sleeping Bag has an A-line shape and your child is using the correct size, he or she will let you know when they no longer want it. Our sizes last until 2+ and you are always able to continue with our Legsack before then or after to encourage safe sleep practices.
  • How do I know which size Sleeping Bag my child needs?
    First and foremost it is important to always purchase the correct sized Sleeping Bag and not to jump sizes with the thought of wanting it to last for a longer period of time. When choosing the correct size, you ensure that your child’s body warmth is correctly maintained and that baby doesn’t feel lost in a garment that is too big for them. To calculate your baby’s size, feel free to get in touch with us - remember when calculating a sleeping bag size, we do not include head and neck length.
  • At what stage should one start with a Sleeping Bag?
    This is completely personal. Some parents choose to swaddle for the first few months, others begin with a sleeping bag from the get go. Others will start during nap time and others only at night time. We of course however always recommend to use a Sleeping bag when putting baby in its crib to sleep and not to include any loose bedding.
  • How to dress Baby underneath a Sleeping Bag?
    We provide a clear Guideline on how to dress your baby under our Sleeping Bags depending on the room temperature. Our Sleeping Bags allow for play as you can always choose to chop and change how you dress your baby, from long sleeve overalls and pants, to short sleeves and a diaper and many more options in between. We are of course here to help you with any questions you may have, but the rule of thumb is never overheat your baby and toddler.
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